About us


Andrew Price
David Browne
COO/Lead Developer
Danika Gael-Krieg
Marketing Director

Our mission: To develop artful and inventive software solutions to the data management challenges all of us face on a daily basis. Whether you're a part of a large organisation, or just need a portable data storage solution for your own personal needs, it's our objective to meet those needs with a product that achieves a perfect marriage of form and function.

Our CEO/Founder, Andrew Price, began Data Management Solutions as nothing more than a custom software development project to automate his business processes, and increase productivity. When his vision of business automation became a reality, he knew others could benefit from his approach, and Data Management Solutions was born.

Our flagship product line, Apti, creates your own private data management universe,...through it's suite of file, event, and project management features. It truly is, your world in the cloud™.

We look forward to embracing the cutting-edge in web-based design and development to bring you a truly unique and effective software experience. Let us be your data management solution.