Emails or electronic mails have now overcome snail mail as well as other types of communication methods such as fax or telex. In the late 1960s to early 1970s, an American company used an internal networked email system to send communications and that was the first known usage and hence the invention of emails.

Emails In Marketing

Emails have thus become the main means of communicating not only important corporate and personal details but also as a promotional medium. Knowingly or unknowingly we register for various offers and receive emails. When it becomes a headache, we now have the option of marking them “spam”. This is the biggest issue an email marketer faces. If your email address is marked as spam, then every email received from that address will go to a folder which not only goes unread, but might not seem like it existed even. While emails are a cheap way compared to many other marketing and promotional methods and it can be used to send a comparatively bigger amount of content, if you are not doing it right, you will lose that opportunity forever.

What Is Important?

So, what is important to have your email in the “inbox” of the relevant recipient? First things first, the subject line. The subject line is the “topic” of your email. Similar to an essay having a topic, the subject line will explain what you are going to tell the recipient. If it is a dull one, no one would bother to open your email. This line should be clear and concise, it should also indicate to the reader what sort of a benefit he will get if this email is read. However, you cannot lie about that. It must be accurate.

For example, if this is an email and it starts with “tips for capitalizing emails for marketing”, but you read on to see some vague details about how to set up an email account, then your subject line is a blatant lie and is a sure-fire way for the email to be ended up in the spam box. A very good line will be clever. Something which tickles your fancy and leaves you breathless until you open the email to read what is inside. It could even be unusual but try not to be too tacky. Remember there are no rules or any hard and fast, tried and tested ways to write a subject line, you just have to understand what your audience is expecting.

Email Body

The “body” of the email will contain what you are trying to say. Are you announcing a bargained sale? Are you opening up a store? Or is it an announcement of a new credit card? These three contents have to be presented differently. If you use the same format, fonts, designs etc. for all these, there will be no difference between a sale and a store opening. Try to read up on how to format emails, add images and charts to attract attention, use colours and more. Talk to a EDM copywriting agency on how you can use these various tips and tricks in email marketing. If you are able to contain the same excitement which the reader had while perusing the subject line, throughout the email body as well, then you are on to a win.

Although some like to downplay the importance of emails, remember it still is one of the main ways of electronically relaying information. If you know how to leverage the true sense of it, you can use it as an effective marketing tool.

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