In the modern era, the use of traditional methods for marketing are long gone. People and companies have developed a more comprehensive marketing tool to reach their audience and this of course is social media marketing. Social media marketing has really changed the game for any business which wishes to expand and have a good online presence. It has also brought about a great deal of friendly rivalry amongst businesses and this competition grows every day. The market for social media marketing has grown to such an extent that companies are now required to hire social media managers and specialists to help them really get the optimum amount out of their social media marketing campaigns. While we see Social Media Marketing as only related to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, it also spreads to areas such as Tik Tok and Google Advertisement banners.

Here are some of the core benefits of utilising this.


If you were to use a traditional method such as television or radio for your marketing campaign you would have to spend a large amount of your businesses profits. With Social Media Marketing, this cost is halved due to the cheap rates at which it operates. Even if you were to launch a fully-fledged campaign to introduce a new product or really kick start your company, social media marketing would help you to do this in the least costly way. Your everyday Facebook marketing agency Melbourne would present you with a package to help you discern which type of campaign really suits your budget and communication plan. Depending on this, you will be able to really help your company grow by using this type of modern tool.


Another very necessary advantage that social media marketing poses, is that is able to target the exact type of customer, who you would potentially see buying your products and services. This is rarely seen when it comes to traditional methods such as television and radio as they usually get your message across to a mass audience, which proves to be extremely inefficient in the long run. When you segment your market and decide on a target market, you intend our social media campaign to really hit hard at that target market instead of anywhere else, and this is exactly what social media marketing will help you do. In most circumstances, you can choose between the variables of age, gender, income and location to provide a narrower scope for you to target.


The reason as to why social media is used by marketers is because of the increased use of social media by people over the last decade. People tend to use social media for most of their day thus making it an ideal opportunity to target them.

Also given the fact that people rarely use televisions and other traditional methods of marketing, shows a lot as to how social media has really changed the way we view content. Thus given the cheap price of social media marketing and the larger target audience which it could reach, it seems like the more obvious choice.

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