Has your dishwasher been disappointing you repeatedly? Well, it is possible that You aren’t doing some things right. Here are 6 simple, essential tips to follow when loading your dishwasher.

Simply Scrape-off!

Do you have the habit of pre-rinsing your dishes before loading them into your dishwasher? A lot of people do this believing that the dishes get washed and cleaned better, and that there will be less strain on the dishwasher.

However, after ample experimenting, experts found that the dirtier the dishes are, the cleaner they come out of the dishwasher. Thus, simply scrape the leftovers off messy dishes/plates and load them into the dishwasher

Use Water that is Hot Enough

The right water temperature is important for the dishwasher to perform at optimum. In simple words, the dishwasher requires water that is hot enough to dissolve tiny food particles and stains off dishes and clean them thoroughly. 120 degrees Fahrenheit should be ideal, not less nor more.

Load Dishes on the Bottom Rack

Many make the mistake of loading dishes on to the top rack. Keep in mind that a dishwasher has a specific design for a purpose. The lower racks are meant for dishes in order to ensure hot water passes through and cleans them all in the way it is supposed to.

Thus, it is always important to load the stuff in the right manner. Improper loading is the most common reason for damage in dishwashers. If by any chance your dishwasher happens to get ruined in the similar manner, look for expert dishwasher repairs in Melbourne and get the specialists to have a look.

Load Glasses and Mugs Correctly

Mugs and glasses are often left to be loaded last because it is easy to cram them in small gaps you fond here and there. This is one mistake almost every dishwasher user is guilty of, and should be avoided by all means.

Glasses mugs and cups are supposed to go on the top shelf, placed face down, so the insides get cleaned properly. Some dishwashers have added features such as sections to hold bigger/taller glasses and water sprays to clean them specifically.

Don’t Load Items that aren’t Dishwasher Safe

This again, might be one of those things you do in hurry, or just because you couldn’t be bothered. Nevertheless, throwing items made of plastic or wood for instance, can only do damage than any good. There is a reason why such materials are prohibited in a dishwasher, and sticking to the rules the way you should will spare you some hassle, and save you time and money!

Do Not Overload!

The temptation to get all the washing over with at once is one almost everyone can relate to. Nevertheless, overloading the dishwasher will only mean double the work, because your dishes are not going to be washed well (some, at all) when you throw too many of them into the machine. If you want your dishwasher to do a polished job, make sure you load it with a reasonable number of dishes. If you are not too sure what the ideal number is, read the manual!

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