It might be overwhelming to hire an SEO agency in order to increase your small business rank. You also most of the time will be unable to understand the problems they describe. However, amidst all that you have to make sure that your SEO service provider is doing a good job. All SEO agencies are not created equal so your small business cannot bear an expensive mistake. Therefore, here are some common types of SEO services to help you consider obtaining an agency.

Keyword Research

This is the most important part of an SEO project. As a small business, you must have a clear idea as to which keywords to use before you put together a plan to improve the rankings and traffic from Google. You need sufficient keywords to cover the key aspects of your business. 

For this, you have to aim for two unique keywords for each page of your domain and there have to be enough pages to target enough keywords. There are three factors you should consider when choosing keywords such as the relevancy of a keyword to your business and whether it has a commercial intention, the number of people searching for that keyword in your serviced geography, and how competitive the keyword is.

Page Creation

Once you have done searching for keywords, your SEO provider will help you in creating new pages to rank for such keywords. You have no chances at ranking if you don’t have a relevant page on your website and if you don’t have the keywords you are targeting on a page on your domain. So, work with your SEO agency to create pages that target new search terms. You can search for SEO services in Brisbane to find good SEO providers to choose from in your vicinity.

Page Optimization

After you create pages that target your unique keywords, you need to optimize them for search engines. Search engines are computers so they will require some assistance to make sure they understand the subject matter of a page. If you have chosen a good SEO agency, it can make modifications to the content and give technical support to your page to ensure that Google, as well as your visitors, can understand the content.

Link Building

You have to do a lot more than just inserting keywords on a page to earn Google rankings. There can be hundreds or thousands of other pages that contain the same terms. In such instances, Google figures out which ones to rank in which positions by counting the quantity and quality of the links pointing to that page. External links are more important than internal links and therefore it should be the focus of your SEO provider in link building.

Technical Audit

Google has created tools and standards that allow SEO professionals to provide more details about the content and subject matter of a website. So, a skilled SEO provider will be familiar with such standards and have the required software tools and experts to work on your website. A technical audit can vary according to the size, scope and cost. This will be a more expensive SEO service because it needs more expertise from the provider and consumes more time.

Hiring a good SEO agency to improve your domain better. However, consider these types of services thoroughly to make sure you are on the right track.

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