Digital marketing is not just a trend. This marketing scheme is here to stay because of its cost efficiency and wider reach. Companies in different industries and specializations are now focusing their marketing efforts in this innovative way.

Sure, there are still traditional advertisements such as billboards, print ads, TV and radio commercials but since people spend most of their time using social media platforms, reading blogs, listening to podcasts and watching vlogs, the effectiveness of digital marketing is off the roof.

Medical and dental clinics and centers can also use it to make their services and expertise more well known and to make the website of a dental clinic stand out. The list below will give an idea of what to include and what to skip on your website.

What To Include

Unique selling point

It should not come as a surprise to you that there are thousands of dental clinics out there that you need to compete with. You have to stand out and one of the things you could do is to have your dental website design highlight your unique selling point. Focus on your uniqueness, especially if you offer a service that other dental clinics don’t. Your distinctiveness is what future patients would look for since you are the only one offering your unique selling point.

Social media links

When social media is put to good use, it is a powerful tool you could use to get your message across to a wide margin of your target market. This is also a great way for you to communicate with your past, present and future clientele since this is now the preferred means of communication by people, especially of the younger generation. So, if your target market is teens and young professionals, you have to be visible on the social media platforms that they frequently use.

What To Skip

“Before” pictures

A picture paints a thousand words and posting before pictures could really depict how good your dental clinic is. But it might be difficult for you to ask your former patients for their approval to have their “before” pictures posted on your website. If you would post stock photos, it defeats the purpose of you posting “before” pictures since this is not an authentic condition you have treated, no matter how close it is to the condition your patient had.


Leave this from your site. Of course, it could be tempting to add this because it is also an effective means to attract more potential patients, especially if most of the reviews are raving. But since you have already provided social media links, let the testimonials for your clinic and services stay there. Chances are, most of your would-be patients will also check your social media for reviews from your past patients.

This is not an extensive and conclusive list. It is recommended that you constantly monitor your website after launching to know what works and what doesn’t.

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