We live in a world predominated by the internet. With more and more people becoming active on the internet, it is important for businesses to make sure to reach these people on various digital platforms through online marketing. A new emphasis on lifetime customers and lifetime marketing through online value proposition is observed by an online marketing consultant like Blurn Australia. 

  • Online marketplace and digital models

Today, there is a rapid change in the business world where old approaches and models are being swapped with new, more innovative and customer centric models. With the impact of the Internet of Things the online market is the next big thing.

  • Digital customer base

Another important aspect for a digital marketing consultant is to understand the customer’s psychology where customer’s issues, worries, fears and phobias, as well as other motivating factors for going online is considered. While exploring the customer’s psyche they also look at the on-site behaviour, the online buying process, web analytics and the many influencing variables.

  • Potential of social media marketing

It is perhaps one of the biggest opportunities in the marketing domain that the world has witnessed. But if it is unmanaged then it will not be fully effective and can even be damaging. So, a structured strategy should be followed to fully capture the potential of social media marketing for new businesses.

As more customers are spending an increasing part of their lives in the digital world. Marketers need to analyse the demand by consumers for online services and respond to customer’s needs in this new connected world. The bulk of online business occurs in B2B and B2C business models.

  1. Market Principles

Basic Marketing principles to be followed:

  1. Get close to customers and understand their requirements.
  2. Involve them.
  3. Serve them. 
  4. Add value.
  5. Nurture them into lifelong customers.
  6. Test measure and improve upon your practices.

Marketing refers to profitable identification, anticipation and satisfaction of the customer needs.

Digital marketers work upon fulfilling the above mentioned factors of marketing by:

  • Identifying needs from customers through comments, enquiries, requests and complaints via the website’s email facility, bulletin boards, sales patterns etc. Online surveys and customer online feedback forms are some other tools to identify what the customer is looking for.
  • Anticipating the needs of the customers well in advance by keeping a close look on the latest trends.
  • Satisfying the identified and anticipated needs through quick responses, continuous updates on the status of the orders, on-time deliveries, and good after-sales services.
  1. Why do businesses require an Online Marketing Consultant?

Digital marketing consultants help your company to establish and expand it’s digital footprint. These professionals assess your business, analyse it, optimise it and develop solutions for your business to grow digitally. Digital consulting firms like Blurn,Sydney, help businesses resolve any of the queries that do not let them have an adequately optimized digital presence. Hence, enterprises need to develop a methodology that ensures that their efforts and investments in online-based efforts reap the fruit but also have expert, qualified and specially curated advice for you from digital marketers like Blurn to help businesses reach unimaginable heights.

  1. Role and responsibility on digital marketing consultants:

Digital marketing consultants create plans for your digital marketing campaigns keeping in mind various strategies required to keep your business in the “sight” of the viewers and enable growth. Plans are then executed and monitored, and optimised continuously by implementing the necessary changes to the strategy as and when required. They also make sure that none of the important marketing channels is missed out on while promoting your business in order to aquire maximum audience.

They help you work on the critical aspects for developing any enterprise, such as: 

1. A website for your enterprise

The primary role of a consultant is to analyse what the enterprise needs, the best suitable technology to build your website for your business requirement. It will help you design a website that best portrays your brand and is also the most attractive tool for strengthening your customer base and boost your digital footprint.

2. Communications in digital space

A digital consulting firm can analyse your enterprise’s real-time situation, define, and develop the potential customer base you are going to target. Post this, the firm will collect all the information and implement a curated marketing plan based on an analysis of your market, your competitors, and your business goals. One of the other fundamental pillars for your corporate communications strategy is to figure out what digital channels are included like social media, corporate blogs, etc. as part of the approach.

3. Sales Strategy

One of the main differences between digital and traditional marketing is that online advertising establishes your positioning which helps in an increase in your customer base. A digital marketing consultancy helps you determine what campaigns you should carry out, when/what segmentation parameters you should follow to maximise the effectiveness. The consultants may also lay down what contents will benefit you the most in your digital marketing strategy, and are up-to-date on the different types of advertising formats that are widespread on digital channels. In a nutshell, they tell you how and where to sell your product or service.

4. Indicators for performance measurement

The above-mentioned aspects are not effective if we fail to measure everything that determines our project’s success or failure. These performance indicators include the number of visits to your website, conversion rates, new customers, and positive or negative customer feedback towards your product or service. An online marketing consultant will monitor and keep a record of these indicators and use the data to plan more effective strategies.

5. Technological advancement

The Digital Transformation dictates that it is fundamental we implement and use Marketing Automation tools. There are numerous, diverse options out there in the market, and with the growing number of options, having an expert digital transformation consulting firm at your disposal will help you choose the best ones specific to your needs. The consultant will also ensure that your organisation knows how to make use of these tools effectively. It is one of the most valuable services we can acquire in today’s business environment.           

How to find the best Online marketing consultantthat perfectly suits your enterprise requirement:

  • Research what services you require for your enterprise.
  • Analyse the prices of different consultants. As of market experience, there are firms which offer their consultancy for affordable prices to start-ups and other enterprises.
  • The technology used must be compared, the level of marketing automation followed.
  • Review their portfolios and client testimonials which provides better insights on the working of the consultant’s firm.
  • Appoint consultants based on their credentials like the years of experience, awards, certifications etc.
  • Explore their values like the quality of work, level of customer service, approach to challenges etc.
  • Finally, client retention of any firm is very crucial.

Blurn,Sydney, checks all the above boxes and is undoubtedly the best in the business throughout Australia. Their professionals have helped businesses to see some serious growth and their ever-increasing client base speaks volumes about the hard work they put in to make your business flourish! 

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