A 9-5 job isn’t enough at times. No matter how hard you try, it won’t be adequate to support all your needs. But don’t worry. There are ways to make extra money. You can work as an online freelancer and be a cold caller, creative writer, data entry specialist, ESL or English as a Second Language Tutor, graphic artist, social media manager, real estate agent, website designer, WordPress developer, etc. The job opportunities are limitless. But you have to make sure that you’ll work hard to educate yourself. There are free and paid courses online but you can start by watching videos on YouTube. If you have an innate talent in writing, you can start your blog/website. But before you do, here are some tips you have to keep in mind.

Choose Your Domain Name

Choose your domain name wisely. It should be connected to your product and service. Make sure to think about it carefully before you make your final decision especially if you’re getting your own domain name and hosting. Also, don’t forget to compare the plans so you can get the best deal possible.


What are you passionate about? What is your product or service? The goal isn’t only to bring readers to your website but to make them stay longer to read your content. And if you’re selling a product, you have to see to it that you can motivate them to make a purchase.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is important if you want to land your blog/website on the first page of different search engine websites like Google. Should you need help with it, you have to contact a digital agency. They can give you the results you’ve always wanted. Moreover, they can assist you with your blogging and PPC.


A lot of website owners don’t know the value of a theme. It’s one of the elements of a website that you shouldn’t ignore because if your website looks pretty and easy to navigate, your readers have a higher chance of staying on your page for a longer period of time. Of course, you have to make sure that it’s consistent with your branding.

Bug Testing

Check your website by doing a bug testing. Before you launch it, you have to make sure that it’s running smoothly both on laptop and mobile phone. Your money, time and effort will be useless if you find out that your readers can’t access your website.


One of the most important part of your website that you have to check is your system. Take note that the functionality of your website will make it or break it. If your website’s a mess, your readers will have a bad impression on your business. That’s why, don’t let it happen. Check your website and run a test before you publish it. Also, use a reliable tool/application on your website. For example, shopping cart, etc.

Creating a website isn’t only perfect for writers but for business owners as well. Optimize it to reach your goals in no time.

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